On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to express our warm greetings and invite everyone in the field of crop science to attend the 9th Asian Crop Science Association Conference (9th ACSAC) in Jeju, South Korea on June 5-7, 2017.
Crop production has been closely related to human life, national economy, and social progress. The recent financial and food crises remind us that the world is changing quickly and dramatically. Therefore, agricultural research has been a major factor in increasing food production to ensure food security worldwide.
Agricultural research faces tough challenges and has to be developed further to meet the increasing demand for food at stable prices. After the establishment of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the agricultural policy basically aimed to enhance the market competitiveness of Korean agricultural commodities. Agriculture in Korea needs to be evolved in an efficient and modern way that provides a positive economic contribution to the society with other economic sectors accordingly.
Asian Crop Science Association is convened every three years to exchange ideas and experiences, and to develop new avenues for crop science research. The 1st ACSAC was held in Seoul, South Korea. The followings were hosted in Japan, Taiwan, Phillipines, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. 9th ACSAC will be held in South Korea with the theme, “The New Era of Crop Sciences for Innovation and Sustainability Reinforcing a New Partnership in Asian Countries”. The scientific topics will cover crop germplasm and evolution, crop physiology and biochemistry, crop genetics and molecular biology, crop biotechnology, climate change and sustainability, crop quality and processing, crop ecology, and agro-diversity.
It is our expectation that the conference will promote scientific work in Korea and will be beneficial for our better understanding, cooperation enhancement, and research development. I would like to convey my respect to all the guests of this conference whose daily efforts contribute to the development of agriculture. Hopefully, I encourage all participants to fully enjoy the tremendous sceneries of Jeju Island and discover the diversified appealing aspects that the city offers.
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone whose efforts have made 9th ACSAC possible. The acknowledgement is also addressed to our sponsors for financial support.
In closing, we believe your active participation will greatly contribute to the success of this conference.
We look forward to meeting you in Jeju, South Korea in 2017.